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The BPW BrakePadMonitor – the first brake lining wear sensor system to continuously and contactlessly monitor brake lining wear and display it over time – is available at the transport logistic trade fair at an attractive package price.
The BPW BrakePadMonitor – the first brake lining wear sensor system to continuously and contactlessly monitor brake lining wear and display it over time – is available at the transport logistic trade fair at an attractive package price.

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BPW makes transport logistic trade fair doubly attractive with exclusive offers for maintenance, telematics and intelligent brakes

  • BPW maintenance contract including telematics starting at just 75 euros per month
  • BPW and idem telematics are offering package consisting of telematics and brake lining wear sensors
  • Offer available across Europe from 4 June to 31 July 2019

Wiehl, 22 May 2019 --- The transport logistic trade fair in Munich is a must-attend event for decision makers in the industry. This year, a visit to the trade fair will be especially worthwhile – BPW and idem telematics (Hall A6, Booth 310) are offering special deals that are sure to be a big hit. Customers will benefit from attractive discounts on customised maintenance and telematics packages or a combination of telematics and the new BrakePadMonitor brake lining wear sensor system.

The transport industry is slowly but surely adopting a new approach to costs: whilst in the past, the focus was on the one-off purchase price, decision makers are now increasingly calculating costs based on the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the lifetime of the vehicle. This is a trend that will also be evident at the upcoming transport logistic trade fair – especially when it comes to the BPW Group, which is offering attractive trade fair deals this year. Customers will receive deep discounts on special packages consisting of maintenance, telematics and innovative predictive maintenance services. In doing this, BPW hopes to persuade owners of transport companies to switch to a TCO-based view of costs.

The trade fair deals revolve around telematics, which transforms trailers from mere attachments into the centrepieces of an intelligent transport system. Thanks to its manufacturer-agnostic approach, idem telematics’ Cargofleet platform is the most widely used on the European market – digitally connecting trucks, trailers and freight for efficient fleet management.

Trade fair offer number one: PSP trailer maintenance contract

As an attractive trade fair package, BPW is offering its PSP trailer maintenance contract including the telematics hardware gateway and basic telematics service, which includes satellite positioning for recording the vehicle’s position and route tracking (transmission interval every 15 minutes), use of the Cargofleet 3 telematics platform, six months of data storage and technical support throughout the entire duration of the contract. The cost of the maintenance contract is determined according to the customer’s individual requirements (e.g. vehicle type, contract term and mileage). For instance, 60 months of maintenance, including telematics service, is available for a complete three-axle curtainsider or a dry box trailer with BPW disc brakes for as little as 75 euros per month (up to 100,000 km of mileage per year).

Thanks to complete maintenance documentation, signing up for a BPW maintenance contract can significantly reduce hauliers’ administrative work. In addition, they also benefit from transparent life-cycle costs and can rely on roadside assistance across Europe via the BPW service network.

Trade fair offer number two: Brake lining wear monitoring

BPW and idem telematics are also offering an attractive solution to encourage customers to begin implementing predictive maintenance: the BrakePadMonitor, which is the first brake lining wear sensor system to continuously and contactlessly monitor brake lining wear and display it over time. This solution allows hauliers to proactively schedule service appointments for the right time instead of having brake linings changed early or, in the worst case, too late, which can cause costs to skyrocket. Customers receive the telematics hardware gateway with a basic telematics service package, the BrakePadMonitor and 12 brake linings at a package price of 999 euros for a three-axle vehicle. EBS cables are also included in the package, which means that EBS data from the trailer can also be clearly displayed via the telematics system. BPW and idem telematics are also offering attractive discounts on the BrakePadMonitor for existing telematics users.

According to Jens Zeller, CEO of idem telematics: ‘All of the solutions and services from BPW and idem telematics are designed to make running a transport company noticeably easier – and also to cut costs. We are offering these attractive trade fair packages at transport logistic to incentivise visitors to become familiar with and test the service and cost benefits of the BPW Group. The offers are valid across Europe from 4 June to 31 July. It is definitely worth stopping by the BPW and idem telematics booth at the transport logistic trade fair to profit from the offers.’

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BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft is the parent company of the BPW Group. With over 1,600 employees, including around 120 trainees, the family-owned company has been developing and producing complete running gear systems for truck trailers and semi-trailers at its headquarters in Wiehl since 1898. BPW’s technologies include axle systems, brake technology, suspension and bearings. BPW’s trailer axles and running gear systems are in use in millions of vehicles around the world. An extensive range of services also offers vehicle manufacturers and operators the ability to increase the efficiency of their production and transport processes.

About the BPW Group
The BPW Group researches, develops and manufactures everything needed to ensure that transport keeps moving and is safe, illuminated, intelligent and digitally connected. With its brands BPW, Ermax, HBN, HESTAL and idem telematics, the company group is a preferred system partner of the commercial vehicle industry around the globe for running gear, brakes, lighting, fasteners and superstructure technology, telematics and other key components for trucks, trailers and buses. The BPW Group offers comprehensive mobility services for transport businesses, ranging from a global service network to spare parts supply and intelligent networking of vehicles, drivers and freight. The owner-operated company group currently employs 7,200 staff in more than 50 countries and achieved consolidated sales of 1.48 billion euros in 2017.

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