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Heiko Andreas Helmke, Director of Operations at Obermann Speditions-GmbH
Heiko Andreas Helmke, Director of Operations at Obermann Speditions-GmbH

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idem telematics: increased safety combined with lower costs

  • idem telematics customer Obermann uses telematics to monitor its own fleet and to control tyre pressure and temperature
  • Technology reduces costs while increasing safety
  • Flexible integration with existing trailer telematics

Munich/Ulm, 05.03.2019 – When vehicles drive with too little air pressure in the tyres, it not only requires more fuel but it also affects safety:in the most critical cases, the material may get so hot that it catches fire. This was a deciding factor for Obermann Speditions-GmbH, a haulier based in Lower Saxony, in opting for telematics solutions from the BPW subsidiary, idem telematics.

Heiko Andreas Helmke, Director of Operations, is currently fitting all semi-trailers in his own fleet with the TC Trailer Gateway telematics unit from idem telematics – this is over 100 standard semi-trailers, as well as road tankers and trailer trucks. Their tyres are now protected by tirecontrol: the system permanently measures the air pressure and temperature, and warns the driver and controller if the values deviate from the target. ‘This increases safety since it minimises damage, saves fuel and costs associated with breakdowns,’ explains Helmke. ‘When a tyre bursts, I don’t only have to contend with repair costs, but may also be too late for the customer. We also noticed that the idem telematics sensors are fitted in the low bed of the rim rather than in the tyres, thus ensuring greater precision and durability.’ In using the Electronic Brake Performance Monitoring System (EBPMS), Obermann is making the most of brand new, innovative idem telematics software for monitoring brake quality. The EBPMS shows users when it is absolutely necessary to check the brakes and visit the garage. Vehicles are always safe when on the road and can be checked quickly and easily when required – this reduces costs in terms of maintenance and downtimes.

Haulier Obermann specialises in overnight transport across Germany. The company operates out of four locations in the heart of Germany – the Harz region. Starting from this point, Obermann delivers a wide range of packages, printer inks and printing plates to customers within 24 hours. The haulier combines part loads and complete loads. ‘The telematics provide us with a continuous overview of where our trailers are at any moment,’ explains Helmke. ‘This is not only relevant for us when they are on the road but also when they are being transported between our subsidiaries’ warehouses.’ Prior to the technology being introduced, the locations would call one another in the mornings to track down any vehicles that may be ‘missing’. The digital application renders this unnecessary, therefore saving time and costs. In the long term, the company wants to use telematics to minimise idle times and better utilise its fleet. ‘This may mean we are able to reduce the number of semi-trailers in our fleet.’

Obermann is installing all the systems itself: ‘It is very quick and easy,’ says Heiko Andreas Helmke. His service technicians fit the necessary devices and sensors directly to the vehicles, the system is then calibrated in the garage and registered on the software portal. ‘We can turn to idem telematics any time we have a question and we always receive professional technical support.For us, receiving competent consultation was very important, as was the integrability of the technology, which is another reason why we opted for this particular supplier,’ says Helmke. ‘The products are all well thought out and offer high reliability combined with flexible integration – the complete package won us over.’

Obermann, a haulier based in Lower Saxony, uses telematics solutions from idem telematics 



About idem telematics GmbH – Connecting all road transport
As Europe’s leading telematics partner, idem telematics supports forwarding agents, fleet operators and shippers in continuously improving their core business by means of data, thereby increasing their profitability, customer satisfaction and competitiveness: uncomplicated, independent, cross-fleet and cross-manufacturer, and adaptable to any company size and business model. The service: individual on-site process consulting – combined with Europe’s market-leading, all-in-one cargofleet telematics platform for trucks, trailers, freight and logistics. Consolidating and summarising the data sets of vehicles, drivers and freight, idem telematics provides a complete system for increasing the transparency and profitability of the entire logistics process. The benefits: unique customer proximity and flexibility for individual telematics requirements based on 20 years of telematics, transport and logistics expertise. idem telematics is a subsidiary of the BPW Group and employs around 75 staff at its locations in Munich and Ulm.

About the BPW Group
The BPW Group researches, develops and manufactures everything needed to ensure that transport keeps moving and is safe, illuminated, intelligent and digitally connected. With its brands BPW, Ermax, HBN, HESTAL and idem telematics, the company group is a preferred system partner of the commercial vehicle industry around the globe for running gear, brakes, lighting, fasteners and superstructure technology, telematics and other key components for trucks, trailers and buses. The BPW Group offers comprehensive mobility services for transport businesses, ranging from a global service network to spare parts supply and intelligent networking of vehicles, drivers and freight. The owner-operated company group currently employs 7,200 staff in more than 50 countries and achieved consolidated sales of 1.48 billion euros in 2017.

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