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The enthusiasm is great: At the German Telematics Award idem telematics is on the podium in five key disciplines, with two first-place finishes

German Telematics Award 2024 confirms market and innovation leadership of idem telematics

idem telematics has broken its own record at the German Telematics Award: the combination of well thought-out practical benefits and sustainable innovative capacity has put the European market leader on the podium five times, including two first-place finishes. A valuable decision-making aid for vehicle operators who want to get involved in vehicle networking with a view to upcoming EU regulations

Artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise vehicle and fleet management and provide vehicle operators with unimagined efficiency gains.

transport logistic 2023: market leader idem telematics paves the way for AI-controlled vehicle and fleet management

The triumphant advance of telematics is unstoppable: idem telematics has tripled its sales of telematics devices in just two years. The company perfectly captures the theme of the trade fair transport logistic - and is driving the revolution in transport through artificial intelligence: the intelligent maintenance calendar is a first step towards AI-driven predictive and preventive maintenance.

As of now, drivers can hand over the verification of a closed cold chain by smartphone app in the customer's preferred format - in paper format from the thermal printer or also by e-mail as a pdf file.

idem telematics makes transport cold chain verification easier, safer and more flexible than ever

Whether vaccines, yogurt or frozen pizza: many transported goods are temperature-sensitive and must be kept cool on the road. The seamless checking and documentation of the cold chain are legally prescribed - however, recipients sometimes prefer a paper printout and at other times data in different formats as proof. Market leader idem telematics has now significantly simplified the verification.

idem telematics wins the Telematics Award again in the highly demanding discipline of refrigerated transports

Telematics Award 2022: idem telematics is consistently expanding its leadership in the high-level field of "refrigerated transport"

The VDA as a partner, a governor as patron, an illustrious jury of experts and a strict evaluation process: the Telematics Award, which is presented every two years, pulls out all the stops to reinforce its authority. The fact that industry leader idem telematics is chosen as the winner in the most demanding field of refrigerated transport is the only constant in a changing market.

The rental company Fraikin relies on system-open telematics from the market leader idem telematics. (Image source: Mike Mareen -

Vive la liberté: idem telematics and Fraikin cooperate to provide digital independence and security for commercial vehicle rental customers

The French commercial vehicle rental company Fraikin is also successful in Germany with a cross-brand selection of vehicles and innovative fleet management. Rental customers should also enjoy freedom and independence on the data superhighway, which is why Fraikin Germany is cooperating with the European market leader idem telematics on vehicle networking.

Everything under control: cargofleet 3 portal expands the range of services offered by transport companies and at the same time strengthens their data sovereignty.

More service and more control for hauliers: idem telematics is expanding the cargofleet 3 portal to include trip-based data management

telematics creates total transparency in the world of transport with cargofleet 3 portal – the key question is: who has control of the data? Market leader idem telematics has now made it possible for hauliers to manage transport data relating to specific trips and orders themselves and decide which specific end customers to forward it to.

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BPW Bergische Achsen KG is the parent company of the BPW Group. With around 1,500 employees, including around 100 trainees, the family-run company has been developing and producing complete running gear systems for truck trailers and semi-trailers at its headquarters in Wiehl since 1898. BPW’s technologies include axle systems, brake technology, suspension and bearings. BPW’s trailer axles and running gear systems are in use in millions of vehicles around the world. An extensive range of services also provides vehicle manufacturers and vehicle operators with the opportunity to increase economic efficiency in their production and transport processes.

About the BPW Group
The BPW Group researches, develops and manufactures everything needed to ensure that transport keeps moving and is safe, illuminated, intelligent and digitally connected. With its brands BPW, Ermax, HBN, HESTAL and idem telematics, the company group is a preferred system partner of the commercial vehicle industry around the globe for running gear, brakes, lighting, fasteners and superstructure technology, telematics and other key components for trucks, trailers and buses. The BPW Group offers comprehensive mobility services for transport businesses, ranging from a global service network to spare parts supply and intelligent networking of vehicles, drivers and freight. The owner-operated company group currently employs around 7,000 staff in 27 countries and achieved consolidated sales of 1.731 billion euros in 2022.

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