‘Innovations in agricultural technology’ public choice award: BPW drive axle is gaining traction

Press Releases   •   Jan 15, 2019 14:00 CET

25 per cent more traction for the trailer on wet and difficult ground conditions and higher loads with smaller towing vehicles: these system benefits provided by the ‘AGRO Drive’ hydraulic drive axle have given BPW a bestseller among farmers and contractors. As a result, the drive axle has now won the most important public choice award in the agricultural industry.

How customers become innovation partners: WirtschaftsWoche recognizes BPW’s co-innovation with Innovative Management Partner (IMP)

Press Releases   •   Dec 12, 2018 11:05 CET

Improperly secured cargo is frequently the cause of wobbling and tipping lorries on the road – and accidents and cargo damage cost transport companies millions every year. In future, an innovative, intelligent cargo securing system from BPW will prevent this from happening. Yet the development methodology used is also a remarkable aspect of this innovation.

BPW supplies electric drive for new lorry project from PEM at RWTH Aachen, Isuzu Motors Germany and StreetScooter

Press Releases   •   Dec 04, 2018 16:10 CET

Electric vans are being spotted in more and more inner cities – most of them in the bright distinctive colours of the postal service, delivering letters, parcels and packages. Yet truly heavy loads are soon to be transported electrically, too: BPW is supplying the drive axle technology for a research project at RWTH Aachen aimed at helping the electric lorry achieve their breakthrough.

With awards from F.A.Z. to FOCUS: BPW is a top employer offering impressive training opportunities

Press Releases   •   Nov 27, 2018 11:11 CET

BPW has been picking up a series of prestigious awards as an employer, training workplace and leader of innovation for years. Now, the F.A.Z.-Institut has put the family-owned company at the top of the list of ‘Germany’s most desirable companies’. Behind this lies a finely balanced blend of enthusiastic innovation and the security that is typical of medium-sized businesses.

BPW to use robots in vocational and professional training

Press Releases   •   Nov 23, 2018 11:00 CET

As one of the innovation leaders of the transport industry, BPW dovetails its know-how in IT and mechatronics closely with its vocational training. As a result, BPW was given the distinction of being one of the “Best Companies for vocational training in Germany” in March. Now the company is taking its vocational training and staff qualifications to the next level by adding a robotics branch.

BPW covers electrical base load of its brakes factory with solar power – new sustainability report now online

Press Releases   •   Oct 23, 2018 14:04 CEST

The BPW Group, leading European supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, has been producing completely CO2-neutral at its main plant since last year. BPW is now covering the base load of one of its plants with solar energy for the first time. The commitment of the family-owned company ranges from resource-saving products to political education, as the new sustainability report shows.

Safer loading, more flexible manoeuvres: BPW receives two ‘Trailer Innovation 2019’ awards

Press Releases   •   Sep 27, 2018 11:00 CEST

BPW can once again celebrate its win of an important innovation prize – twice over. A jury of 16 international trade journalists and experts from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) selected two innovations from BPW for the ‘Trailer Innovation 2019’ award. Both innovations combine a significant gain in safety with substantial cost savings for vehicle operators.

‘Digital seal’ from idem telematics wins Telematik Award 2018 in the ‘Best innovation’ category

Press Releases   •   Sep 26, 2018 11:00 CEST

The ‘digital seal’ from idem telematics has been awarded the Telematik Award 2018 at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2018: the expert jury selected the Munich-based company as the winner of the special prize for the ‘Best innovation’ of all 278 solutions that were entered.

Schmitz Cargobull and idem telematics: common interface for efficient data management

Press Releases   •   Sep 24, 2018 15:29 CEST

Schmitz Cargobull and the BPW Group announce a strategic cooperation in the field of telematics at the IAA Commercial Vehicles: In future, data can be exchanged between the "cargofleet3" telematics system of BPW subsidiary idem telematics and the new Schmitz Cargobull TrailerConnect® portal via a common interface.

BPW uses BMW i battery technology for electric drive for lorries

Press Releases   •   Sep 24, 2018 15:00 CEST

BPW Bergische Achsen KG is announcing its partnership with BMW i for an electric drive system for commercial vehicles. BPW will use battery technology from BMW i for its particularly powerful drive axle, which is designed for heavy vans and lorries with a gross weight of up to 7.5 tonnes. A drive concept for lorries with a gross weight of 26 tonnes is under development.

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About BPW Bergische Achsen KG

About BPW Bergische Achsen KG
BPW Bergische Achsen KG is the parent company of the BPW Group. With more than 1,600 employees, including around 120 trainees, the family-run company has been developing and producing complete running gear systems for truck trailers and semi-trailers at its headquarters in Wiehl since 1898. BPW’s technologies include axle systems, brake technology, suspension and bearings. BPW’s trailer axles and running gear systems are in use in millions of vehicles around the world. An extensive range of services also provides vehicle manufacturers and vehicle operators with the opportunity to increase economic efficiency in their production and transport processes. www.bpw.de/en

About the BPW Group
BPW Group, based in Wiehl, Germany, is a dependable international mobility and system partner for the transport industry, serving as a one-stop shop for innovative solutions. Its portfolio embraces axles, suspension systems and brake technologies (BPW), locking systems and bodywork technology (Hestal), lighting systems (Ermax), composite technologies (HBN-Teknik), and user-friendly telematics applications for trucks and trailers (idem telematics). BPW Group’s technologies and services support manufacturers’ cost-effective workflows and enable vehicle operators to manage their fleets efficiently by maximising the transparency of loading and transport processes. The owner-managed BPW Group encompasses 70 companies worldwide and employs around 7,200 people. www.bpw.de/en


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